Sunday, August 28, 2011

Testing MathJax

I want to ask all users who suddenly find this blog annoyingly slow because of Mathjax to complain in the comments here. If the number of complaints will exceed a certain threshold, I will disable Mathjax again. You see, the Mathjax javascript support is loading in the grey rectangles in the lower left corner...

Mathjax is the seventh web system for LaTeX I am testing on this blog. TeX - by Donald Knuth - or LaTeX - with some help from Leslie Lamport - is the experts' standard to write mathematical expressions and formulae - and texts with lots of formulae. Most papers at are originally written in TeX or LaTeX.

We clearly cannot afford to reserve $...$ for the inline mathematics because this blog is full of the dollar signs which usually denote the U.S. currency. However, we may be getting ready for the default of the U.S. government so if you fairly replace one dollar by three dollars, things will be fine. For example, $$$ E=mc^2 $$$ will appear as $$$ E=mc^2 $$$.

Alternatively, you may use \( x^2+y^2=r^2 \) to type in-line maths, \( x^2 + y^2 = r^2 \).

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Protecting Bushehr against nuclear reactions

Hi! We are a group of 14 European, non-Jewish high school students who decided to write a nice worm. It's called Stuxnet. We have spent one year working one it.

We have collected 4 unreported bugs of Windows and 2 stolen certificates from our friends on the IRC. With these tools, it's simple to write a code that controls Siemens WinCC plants, especially in Iran. The WinCC software is pretty cute.

Our Russian friend brought the first USB stick with the executable files because his dad works for the Iranians. We will stop or make the Bushehr power plant explode when we need it.

But we like peace so we hope that if we inform the Iranian leaders about their risks and the Bushehr's citizens' risks in time, they will recognize Israel and donate a part of Iran to Israel, too.